Pumping Waves and New Friends

Playa Gigante Sessions

Yoga time!

India’s yoga time!

The surf has been pumping in India’s little piece of paradise that she calls home, Playa Gigante, Nicaragua. With huge waves, light off shore breezes, the conditions have been pretty much perfect for the advanced surfer. Even with the crowds to contend with there have been plenty of waves to go round. With a lot of new people moving through the town, India has made some great new surfer girlfriends to get out their & play in the ocean with . Taking up Zumba in her free time, she is now contemplating adding this to her repertoire of teaching skills.

Always conscious about preserving their beautiful environment, India and her inspirational team at Papaya Wellness have kick-started a project to encourage the use of reusable recycled material bags in lieu of plastic bags, that often end up in the ocean and damage the vibrant ocean life.  These unique, locally hand produced bags look pretty and they are helping save their environment. Way to go India! To find out more, or to get your hands on some, check out the Papaya Wellness Reusable Bag Project.

Taking Papaya Wellness on tour, India will soon be found surfing and inspiring yogi’s along the Californian coastline!

Getting ready for a surf!

Getting ready for a surf!

Super fun waves!

Successful surf check...happy India!

Successful surf check…happy India!

More fun waves!

More fun waves!

New surf chica friends

New surf chica friends



Yoga time!

Always doing their bit to help the environment...check out Papaya Wellness Reusable Bag Project

Always doing their bit for the environment..check out Papaya Wellness Reusable Bag Project

A little piece of paradise...

Checking out her little piece of paradise…

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