Rosary Walsh

One word…charger! This hardcore Irish surfer that I had the pleasure of meeting years ago in Sumbawa, can be found chasing waves around the West Coast of Ireland for half the year and the other half spent searching for perfect waves abroad.

With a burning passion to surf bigger and better waves Rosary has always been the perfect surf partner to push you to your limits, and with a firm belief in the need for a good beating [she finds nothing funnier!], her talent really kicks in when the adrenaline starts pumping.

I have watched in awe from the comfort of the channel as she has effortlessly stroked into what I can only describe as a mountain of water, gracefully hopped to her feet and taken a drop that made even my heart plummet, riding the wave with such a relaxed style as if it was a third of the size. Her talent, as well as her modesty and fierce independence have always inspired me, and surfing with her I have copped some of the worst wipeouts of my life, and surfed some of the best waves of my life.

Rosary Walsh

Rosary Walsh: One word for this hardcore Irish surfer…charger!

Meet Rosary:

1. Where are you from?
Cork, Ireland

2. Goofy or regular? 

3. Favourite surf spot? 
A right hander at home which will remain nameless!!

4. Most memorable session? 
Lots…one of them would be Lakeys a few years back, there were a few us travelling separately that met up over there, and had been hanging out for the last 2 months. We were all sick of the crowds so arranged to paddle out in the pitch black, before the sun came up one morning…I think when people saw so many people out so early, they waited ’til after breakfast. So there was around 10 of us splitting the peak for about 2 hours, perfect over head glassy waves, soft rain and a full double rainbow….it was the crew that made it though.

5. Worst injury?
2 concussions

6. Scariest moment? 
After each concussion!!…not knowing where the hell I was, where I was living…etc. etc.

7. Strangest place you’ve slept? 
Between two forklifts in a McDonalds car park in West Oz, on a trip back from the Bluff.

8. Spots you would love to surf?
Papua New Guinea, the Solomons, Samoa, South Africa, Chile, Canada and about a dozen others.

9. Known for…?
Being the whitest person in Indo I’d imagine..God knows I get slagged enough for being a walking milk bottle anyway! Or else the amount of time I spend on the reef (which lead to the nicknames ‘Rosareef’ and ‘Bruisery’).

10. Guilty pleasure?
Coca Cola..when I’m in hot countries I drink about 2-3 cans a day!!

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