Sarah Desmet

Sarah has a heart of gold and the looks of a surf goddess. Another Sumbawa-born friendship, I first met Sarah through Rosary in Bali, and our friendship was cemented through Sumbawa’s perfect surf, and my need for encouragement after 1.5 years out of the water! Sarah has travelled the world several times over, funding herself initially as a air hostess. However, six months a year based in Belgium was still too much and she turned her hand to surf coaching, surf guiding and has also become a qualified masseuse. Sarah has now settled in Hossegor, France, where she intends to set up her own massage business right next to some of Europe’s best surf. Always full of fun and positivity, Sarah is the perfect playful surf partner, and her huge network of friends internationally are testament to that.

Sarah Desmet: This beautiful, gentle character has a heart of gold and the look of a surf goddess

Sarah Desmet: This beautiful, gentle character has a heart of gold and the look of a surf goddess

Meet Sarah:

1. Where are you from? 

2. Where do you live now? 
Capbreton, France

3. Goofy or regular? 

4. Favourite wave?
Periscopes, and a right hander in Mexico

5. Worst injury? 
Bike crash in Lombok, Indonesia, only driving 30km and no one on the road, was looking behind me and saw a pot hole too late…split my chin, had double mouth but no pain.

6. Scariest moment? 
When sneaky bigger sets roll in…try to make it, paddle hard! Also scariest was on boat trip to Rote island with Mick and Steve…seriously thought we were gonna capsize and die!!!!!

7. Next on the surf hit list? 
Hawaii and New Zealand

8. Known for…?
My Clumsiness

9. Favourite board? 
Right now it’s my Bushman 6.2

10. I love…?
Food, mmm cheese, beer, surf, water, bikini, bare feet, sun, honesty, smiling, music, friends

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