Shannon Joy Armstrong

With a love of all thing Oceanic, this Aussie water baby shreds!! A marine biologist by trade, Shannon left the cold sharky waters of South West Australia to travel and has currently set up camp in the Mentawai’s…a life most of us can only dream about. Living by some of the best waves in the world, Shannon is one of the most powerful female surfers I know, and can throw spray like any of the lads. After some crazy trips with her in Sumbawa, and a slightly hairy trip back via Lombok, I learnt that Shannon was never afraid of travelling the tough road when there are waves involved. With a bubbly and infectious personality, Shannon is one of the best people to get you pumped for a surf, always has your back in the line-up and is definitely a great partner in crime when it comes to partying!

Shannon Joy Armstrong: With a love of all thing oceanic, this Ozzie water baby shreds!!

Shannon Joy Armstrong: With a love of all thing oceanic, this Ozzie water baby shreds!!

Meet Shannon:

1. Where are you from?
Peaceful Bay, a small country fishing village down south Western Australia

2. Where do you live now?
Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

3. Goofy or regular?
On the REG

4. Favourite wave?
HT’s 4 foot and glassy as, 4 or 5 quality barrels in one session…shared best with friends…just like a cold Bintang.

5. Best session?
Same as above and a secret right hander sand bar point break back home, just with my brother and a couple of mates…come in have a cold drink and something to eat and back out there, all day in the wilderness…

6. Favourite surfers?
Taj Burrow, Imer, Silvana Lima and Melanie Bartels.

7. Worst injury?
Dislocated shoulder from at big day at Scarecrows in the Mentawai’s….kept surfing for another half an hour off the adrenline…idiot. And tiger claw marks on the back from the reef at HT’s.

8. Scariest moment?
Just when the big sets come through and double up below sea level…and ya know ya not going to get under it…and you are going to go looking for crayfish…

9. Next on the surf hit list?
Central America & Mexico

10. Most hardcore spot you’ve surfed?
South Australia, and islands offshore from up north WA

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