India Reinartz

This super-sexy Jamaican-born Canadian first popped onto my radar in Portugal where she was managing a surf camp in Ericeira. She was my first glimpse of the superior talent of female surfers who just surfed for passion…she rips! Oozing style, India outperforms most of the guys, and is one of friendliest and most encouraging surfers I have surfed with. With her extra cool attitude, nurturing personality and awe inspiring strength, she has gone on to become an extremely talented yoga teacher and has now grown roots in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua, where she surf guides, teaches yoga and runs her own retreats. Checking out her business Papaya Wellness is a must, as I’m sure you will be as blown away by her as I still am.

India Reinartz: Oozing style, this Jamaican born Canadian rips!

India Reinartz: Oozing style, this Jamaican born Canadian rips!

Meet India:

1. Where are you from?
I was born in JAMAICA but emigrated to West Coast of Canada, Vancouver Island when I was 5.

2. Where do you live now?
I have been living a gypsy lifestyle over the past 10years but have started making roots in Nicaragua, Playa Gigante over the last few years.

3. Goofy or regular?

4. Best session?
Probably the very first time I got barrelled. The feeling of my entire body in pure ecstasy and a smile from ear to ear. Best sessions I’ve had have to be my backyard with my crew.

5. Favourite surfers?
I always grew up loving Joel Parkinson, Shane Dorian, Dane Reynolds, and Taj burrow. I like the power and style they all rock.

6. Scariest moment?
In general the feeling of being held down for way too long! Plus getting your legs hogged tied by your leash and synching together to make it impossible to kick. Not so fun.

7. Most hardcore place you’ve surfed? 
A journey, a ruff spot and gnarly break all blends into one. For me it was the most unique country culturally and challenging I have ever visited, Morocco. The mosques, the people, the markets, the gnarly waves, the sketchy in and out of surf spots, the music, the mint tea, the camels…everything blew my mind and I loved it. It was so different from anywhere I have ever been. I was in parts that I don’t believe were ever travelled much…well that’s what I assumed from the looks I was getting. Some areas are so poor, but in retrospect so bright from the fabrics, the spices, the art. It’s really a site.

8. Known for…?
I LOVE to dance. When there’s music playing no matter where I am I love to bust a move. I guess after a few bevies I like to get low, I say…”the lower the better”. People say it’s the Jamaican in me! I have also been told I am a great chef, I give all the credit to my nurturing mother and father. They brought me up in a very healthy home cooked authentic household.

9. Guilty pleasure?
O.K my guilt pleasure is buying trash mags.  For some that’s normal but for me living in a third world country and not really having access to much, I am guilty for loving them when I get the chance.

10 If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
I kinda like being me. I never regret, I do what I love and I live for what I do. I love my life.

3 thoughts on “India Reinartz

  1. India what an amazing bio! I’m so stoked that I just had the honour of spending the last 3 weeks with you. Your attitude is contagious and ur passion for life is inspiring. Keep doing what u love girl and never change 🙂 cultivate optimism, create happiness!

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