Emma Gibbons

Passionate surfer and traveller, Emma created SaltyLips as a labour of love.

Emma Gibbons: creator of SaltyLips

Emma Gibbons: creator of SaltyLips

Meet Emma:

1. Where are you from?
England, but I’m half Irish [the better half!]

2. Goofy or regular?

3. Favourite surf spot?
Lakey Peak & Periscopes, Sumbawa and Punta Roca, El Salvador

4. Most memorable session?
Biggest wave of my life @ Nembrala, Indonesia. Only 4 of us out, sunset glass-off!

5. Worst injury?
Nose of my board slammed into my eye socket in Rote – tore open my lower eyelid and bruised my eyeball. Lots of blood, 2 days from a hospital and thought I had gone blind in one eye!

6. Scariest moment?
Getting caught on the inside when a huge sneaker set powered through at Greenballs, Bali…lip on the head & longest hold down of my life…got some nice scars from getting friendly with the reef!

7. Next on the surf spot hit list?
PNG, New Zealand, Peru, Panama

8. Known for…?
Getting memory loss, surf injuries and disturbingly large appetite!

9. Favourite board?
JS 6’2 pulled in round tail. It’s my magic board for the big days…not sure what I will do when it dies!

10. I love…
…Sushi, popcorn, chocolate…[who am I kidding]…FOOD in general, dancing, dogs and surfing with mates in empty line ups.

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